Reseller Referral Programme

Reseller Referral Programme

साथ चलेंगे तभी तो साथ बढ़ेंगे ...

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Get Assured Profit On Each Sale

How it works?


  1. Free Sign up
  2. Get your Unique Coupon Code
  3. Start Selling on Instagram / Whatsapp/ Facebook or any other Social Network
  4. You will receive reward on each item you sell or if somebody uses your coupon code that you have shared on any social network

Your Query will be resolved in maximum 1 working day.


  • You must be active re-seller.
  • You need to submit snapshot of some whatsapp groups/ facebook groups where you sell your products.

Zero Investment=Assured Profit

Brings Maximum Sell

Your customer is getting discount on each purchase so you will receive maximum sell on products you promote.

More You sell ... More You Earn

Monthly OrdersProfit %
0 to 50 Orders5% Profit
51 to 150 Orders7% Profit
151 to 300 Orders8% Profit
301 to 500 Orders10% Profit
501+ Orders12% Profit
*Indidecor reserves all rights to change this slab.

Brings Maximum Profit

Our programme is not only based on your sales, it gives you benefit even if somebody uses your coupon.

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