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  • Polaroid Memories

The memory is the remembrance of past events. Some of them are depressed and some are joyful. The happy memory lasts long as it helps in bringing a smile to our face.  It is a special feeling. One would remember visiting one of their relatives and asking for a photo album. It helps in looking at the past and one of the best ways to remember someone. Everyone tries to keep their happy moments. It could be anything such as;

  • The birth of a child. It is the first occasion on which gifts can be presented to someone.
  • First day of walking as a child. On this occasion, we present educational items such as School bags, etc.
  • First day at college. Our parents’ gifts vehicle on this occasion.
  • Getting for the first job. The parents present a gift on the first day of the office.
  • Marriage is the most common during which gifts are presented. The choices are made and then gifting is done.

So, every aspect of life can give happiness and one should try to keep it. The happy memory brings joy and thought of what we were in past.

Changing trends in photography:-

The traditional way of keeping memory was in a printed photo. The paper-based photo was very convenient and easy to carry. People used to keep it as it helps in increasing the bonding between the individuals. It was very common to find the printed photo labs or shops in the locality. Our parents used to keep printed photos. It was very easy to handle and multi-purpose in use. They are also used in filling an application form as a passport size photo. Our parents used to keep a photo album where they gather their happy memories. The photo album was also used in gifting especially on marriage occasions.

We used to save the memory in still photography. It is one of the convenient ways in which memory can be stored. It is easy to handle and also cost-effective. It is the method by which memory can be saved.

Now, the trend has changed and the printed photo is replaced by a digital one. The digital age has come up in photos as well. The printed photo is now rarely used or is used on a very special and formal occasion. In the digital age, everyone prefers a digital photo rather than a printed one. It is also very easy to hold photos digitally.

Some of the advantages of digital photography are listed below;

  • It is easy to handle
  • It is cost-effective
  • It is time-efficient
  • There is no problem with storage
  • Extra copies can be generated easily
  • It is easy to carry
  • It is also very convenient to send to someone

Polaroid photo:-

There is a concept of Polaroid photo now. It is the new trend that a company is observing and trying to fulfill the increasing demands of it. It is the process in which memory can be kept and is becoming a trend these days. Several online sites provide this product but buying from www.indidecor.com is economical. This site provides polaroid photos that can be hanged on the wall. It is an attractive product and helps in decorating the rooms.

Some of the features of the product offered by this site are listed below;

  • Battery Operated that helps hang anywhere on wall space.
  • Set of 20 LED Clips
  • 20 Polaroid Photos
  • Easy to use and hanged
  • Option to select from electric or battery operated
  • Premium quality waterproof and smudge-proof photos
  • The ideal size of photographs – 4X6 Inches
  • HD quality print
  • Suitable for room, office, or any other space

It is economical to purchase as it comes at just around Rs.800. It is good to purchase from www.indidecor.com.

So, log in and buy from www.indidecor.com.

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